What Makes WorpDrive Different to "Normal" WordPress Backups?

There are many characteristics that make WorpDrive different so we'll outline some of the biggest differences below:

1 - FTP based file backup, not PHP

This is perhaps the biggest difference between WorpDrive and any other WordPress backup system available today.

This allows WorpDrive to run much more reliably since it is never restricted by your web hosting's PHP environment.  It isn't subject to out-of-memory PHP errors you typically see, and there is no website size limit.

Currently our largest client site is around 21GB, and this backs up flawlessly each day.

2 - Fully Automatic

Once you activate WorpDrive, you never need to tweak it, rotate your backups, check that it's working etc.

WorpDrive does it all for you ensuring that your daily backups are valid and working.

3 - Integrated Storage and Backup Rotations

The problem of backing up your sites and deleting old backups that you no longer need is taken care off.  We provide a huge amount of integrated backup space for each site and automatically rotate backup so that you have a large set of daily, weekly and monthly backups at your disposal.

4 - Test Restore Sites

We help to show that your backups are valid and useable with our test restore system.  You can fire up a testing site of any backup snapshot within a few minutes.  You can then use this test restore site like you would your normal website and perform updates, changes, without affecting your live site.

5 - Full change logs

You can see all the files that are changed, added, and deleted each day. No more mystery.

There is much more to WorpDrive that those points above, not which of least is the centralized nature of your backup management; and of the WordPress management suite that is iControlWP that comes with every WorpDrive license.

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