Your Host Does Not Permit WorpDrive to Use mysqldump / mysqlimport

When you first activated WorpDrive we performed a number of compatibility tests on your web hosting environment to ensure that your web hosting was compatible.

One of these tests includes the ability to run the mysqldump and mysqlimport commands.

Unfortunately now, due to some change in your web hosting environment, either by you or your web host, these 2 commands are no longer accessible.

This can be due to any of the following:

  • The PHP function exec( ) is no longer accessible on your system. exec() allows us to use the mysqldump and mysqlimport commands directly on your server to obtain a full database dump.
  • The commands mysqldump and mysqlimport are not in the PATH for your server at the command line.
  • The commands mysqldump and mysqlimport are explicitly restricted by your web hosting environment.

To resolve this, unless you are managing your own web hosting or VPS for example, you will need to talk with your web host to have these made available once again.

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