What Are The Limitations of The WorpDrive Test Restore Sites?

Test Restore sites aren't perfect since they attempt to restore your site to a new URL. Depending on how your site is configured, and the plugins you use, test restores may not work correctly.

But, it's important to note that a test restore site that doesn't work correctly, doesn't mean your website backup data isn't valid.

Some things that may affect your test restore sites:

  • HTTPS / SSL / Redirections - if you have a plugin installed, or .htaccess rules, that redirects the site to certain hard-coded URLs, test restores will not work. We advise all hard-redirects happen outside the server - using a proxy service like CloudFlare, for example.
  • Caching plugins. If you use a caching plugin, you would be best to log into the admin area of your test restore site and disable the plugin.
  • CDNs. If your site uses a CDN to serve data, this may not work from the test restore site location. Again, this all depends on your configuration.
  • .htaccess and php.ini files can and will interfere with test restore sites. Certain directives will interfere with the hosting of the test restore site.

Of course, if you create a test restore site and there is a problem, please feel free to contact us in support center to ask us to investigate it further.

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