How Can I Create a Backup Download ZIP of My Website?

All WorpDrive backups are stored in our backup servers. So when you do an on-demand backup, it just adds this to the backup repo.

To get the files for those backups, you can do a request for a ZIP download from the same WorpDrive menus. Then a short time later (depending on the size of the backup), you'll get an email with your download link to download the ZIP file of the latest site backup.

So, we offer the option to download a ZIP of any WorpDrive database backup created on your site.

You do not need these in order to perform a restore of your website as WorpDrive has its own dedicated restore feature.

To create a new backup download zip of your website:

  1. Go to the WorpDrive Backup section on the control panel
  2. Select "Manage Sites"
  3. From the list of options choose "Download ZIP"
  4. Select 'Download' for the date you need from the list of available backups
  5. You will then receive an email once the ZIP file is ready for downloading
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