How Much Does WorpDrive Backup Cost?

For the latest up-to-date pricing of WorpDrive, please see the WorpDrive website.

Some points to note about this pricing are:

  1. Each WorpDrive license comes with a certain amount of inclusive space. Please check your license details.
  2. When backup space used by a website exceeds the inclusive space, extra disk usage is charged per-megabyte. Please review the license pricing details.
  3. All WorpDrive backup licenses include a free iControlWP WordPress site management license.
  4. All WorpDrive licenses are charged pro-rata until the end of the month. So let's say 1 site license costs $1.00/month, if you activate a new site license on 15th of the month, you will be charged $0.50 for that month.
  5. After you activate your first WorpDrive backup license, all additional licenses activated mid-month are calculated, but not charged immediately. They are added together and charged at the beginning of the next month (along with your recurring subscription payment).
  6. We may run promotional offers that affect the cost of each site license. The cost of each site license you pay during promotion will be the same cost you pay for the life of your subscription for all present and future sites.

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