How To Add All Your Sites Automatically From ManageWP or InfiniteWP

We have provided a fast way to import all your sites from ManageWP or InfiniteWP.

With ManageWP you must be subscribed to one of their "higher" tiers to get access to the tool that's required here, namely: 'Code Snippets' (this is a feature we offer to all clients).

Follow these steps:

1. Install The iControlWP Plugin

Using their tool to install plugins try and get the iControlWP installed across all your sites.  Simply use the WordPress Repository search feature they have and search for `iControlWP`.

Important: Make sure you check the box to activate plugins after upload.  It is important that the plugin is active on your site before proceeding.

2. Gather necessary information

  1. First, log into your iControlWP account, go to your Account page and make a note of your "Unique Account Authentication Key"
  2. Make a note of your account's registered email address (also found in your Account Profile page)

3. Run the code snippet

In this step, you will run a code snippet that will add the site to your iControlWP account, on all your sites.

In the code below, you must remember to replace the CAPITALS in the first 2 lines with your information gathered in the previous Step 2.  Remember to ensure the quotation marks are kept.

  1. Go back to ManageWP/InfiniteWP and under the tools, select "Code Snippets"
  2. Select the sites you want to add to your iControlWP account
  3. Then enter the following code exactly as it is displayed below and `Execute` on your sites:

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