How Does The Plugin Update Undo (PUU) Feature Work?

Plugin Update Undo lets you roll back to the plugin version you had immediately before you performed your last upgrade from within iControlWP.

This feature cannot be used as a disaster recovery option - you must always have a full and valid backup to perform a complete site recovery and the Plugin Update Undo feature does not replace this.

Important Restrictions of PUU (Plugin Update Undo)

There are certain key points you must understand before relying on this feature to recover a problematic plugin upgrade:

  • This feature will, and can only, restore the files that were in your plugin directory immediately before the previous upgrade
  • This feature will, and can only, restore the files for the last upgrade that was directly performed using iControlWP.  This therefore excludes WordPress Automatic/Background Update.
  • If a plugin upgrade causes changes in any database options this feature will not, and cannot, revert those database changes - it only replaces the plugin files on disk.
  • File system and disk writing restrictions may cause this feature to fail on certain sites.

How to access the Plugin Update Undo feature?

If you've recently updated a plugin using iControlWP, you will have access to the update rollback button in your plugin management page.

Simply click this button to roll-back the update:

For more information on PUU feature, read the blog article here.

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