How To Get Setup With Pushover Notification in iControlWP

Pushover is an App that you install on your phone. You can use it to receive unlimited push notifications on all of your devices.

Once you register your User Key with iControlWP, we’ll start using it to push notifications to you.

There are many areas of iControlWP to integrate with Pushover notifications, such as:

How to get setup with Pushover Notification in iControlWP

To get setup with Pushover Notification in iControlWP, please follow these steps:

  1. Install the Pushover App for your mobile device
  2. Use your phone or the website to get your Pushover User Key
  3. Go to iControlWP control panel and
    1. Select "Account" section
    2. Click on the "My Preferences" button
    3. Choose "Notification Preferences"
    4. Enter your Pushover User Key and save

Note: To update settings, you must verify your account password or PIN.

For more information on mobile Pushover Notifications in iControlWP, read the blog article here.

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