WordPress Security Settings

iControlWP offers several automatic ways to make your WordPress websites more secure, and all the security features are accessed on a per-site basis.

To access the security features for each site, select to manage the site from the sites listing view, and click on the "Security" tab.

There are several security based features available in the iControlWP control panel, including:

  • CloudFlare Flexible SSL - Adds support for CloudFlare's Flexible SSL or other SSL proxy services
  • Hide WordPress Version - Removes the WordPress Generator meta tag that displays your current WordPress version
  • Hide Windows Live Link - Removes the Windows Live link. (This is related to Windows Live Writer, and a link that WordPress shows in the source code)
  • Hide RSD Link - Removes the RSD ("Really Simply Discovery") link
  • Disable File Editing - Prevents any logged-in users from using the WordPress system to write and change files such as plugins and themes.
  • Force SSL Admin - Forces WordPress admin and login pages to be sent over SSL connection.For this to work, you must have a valid SSL certificate installed.

You can easily turn on / off any of these features with a single click.

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