How To Clean Up Your WordPress Site Automatically

If you want to clean up your site automatically, select to manage the site from the sites listing view, choose the "Optimise" tab, and then click on the "Review Clean Up Items" button:

You will have the ability to clean up the following items:

  • Post revisions - Deletes redundant revisions of posts. Also deletes data related to each revision, such as meta information, tags, and relationships. Note: Published, scheduled, and draft posts are strictly unaffected.
  • Auto-draft posts - Deletes autodrafts that are created as posts/pages are edited
  • All SPAM comments - Permanently deletes all comments currently labeled as SPAM
  • All unapproved comments - Permanently deletes all comments currently labeled as "Pending"

Check the checkbox next to the item you want to be cleaned up from your site automatically, for example:

For more information on how to clean up your WordPress site using iControlWP, read the blog article here.

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