How To Activate Google Analytics Site Tracking

Google Analytics site tracking is not enabled by default on any site - it must be activated first.

To activate Google Analytics site tracking, please follow these steps:

  1. select the site you want to enable tracking for
  2. click on the "Analytics" tab
  3. enable tracking
  4. enter your Google Analytics tracking ID
  5. choose the analytics type (Classic or Universal)
    (read about Universal Analytics here)
  6. you can exclude certain users (optional)

Note: Google Analytics Tracking ID must be properly entered. To find your ID, log into your Google Analytics here > Admin > Property (select the site you want to get ID for) > Tracking Info > Tracking Code. 

Copy your Tracking Code and enter it into Tracking ID field and configure other options as you like. For example:

For more information on iControlWP Google Analytics tracking, read the blog article here.

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