How To Turn On Email-Based Two-Factor Login Authentication

Two-Factor login authentication is a security feature designed to restrict access to your iControlWP to only those persons authorized to access the registered email address for the iControlWP account.

We highly recommend you enable two-factor authentication for your iControlWP. Read on to learn more and find out how to enable it.

It works by ensuring that anyone who attempts to access your iControlWP account must verify that their identity. It achieves this currently by sending an email to the registered account owner's email address containing a confirmation link.

When you click the confirmation link you verify your identity and your right to access the iControlWP account... your login then proceeds as normal.

How to enable two-factor authentication for your iControlWP account

Please note that this is email-based two-factor authentication. We also support:

Two-Factor login authentication, among other security settings, is managed from within your Account Security section.

See the video below on how to locate the setting and activate it:

For more information on 2FA, read the blog article here.

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