How To Restrict Access To Specific IP Addresses

iControlWP offers the option of completely restricting access to your account to a very specific list of IP addresses. This ensures that access to your account is highly controlled.

How to restrict access to specific IP address

To do this, g to the Account section > My Security > Two-Factor Authentication > and enable IP Login Restriction option. Then, enter the IP(s) you want.

Important: Restricting logins by IP address works by allowing you list a series of specific IP addresses from which you can log into your iControlWP account. If you’re on a computer/phone/device who’s IP address is not on your personal restricted list, you will not be permitted to login.

Please ensure you put in your current IP address (which you can find here) before saving.

Note: You must supply your iControlWP account password before being able to save the settings.

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