Site Has Status of "Communication Error"

iControlWP will try to connect to each of your sites between 2~3 times within any 24hrs period.

If when we attempt to do so there is a problem with reaching your site, or your site responds with an HTTP code that is not 200, we flag this site as having communication issues.

An HTTP 200 code is expected from all sites that respond correctly and are running as expected.  Other HTTP codes signify errors or potential issues.

Some of these issues may be temporary, or may not be discernible at the time.

Once, every 24hrs, we will attempt to re-connect with a site that is listed as having communication errors. Until the site returns a correct response, the site will remain in this state on our system.

Note: You can also manually retry communication with the site. To learn on how to do that, please read the article here.

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