What Features Are Supported in WPMS Management Through iControlWP?

Currently iControlWP supports all standard features as if those sites were normal WordPress sites. You can:

  • Perform WordPress Database Optimization
  • Install WordPress Plugins and Themes
  • Uninstall WordPress Plugins and Themes

When it comes to activating and deactivating themes, it's a little different. Since you're managing the Super Admin side of the site, the actions are slightly different.

For Themes, you are "enabling" / "allowing" them, or the opposite. You do not activate or deactivate the theme on sub-sites.

For Plugins, you are activating / deactivating them and this will impact sub-sites depending on how the plugins have been programmed and designed.

Note: Management of sub-sites in a WordPress Multisite (WPMS) site are not currently supported in iControlWP.

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