Shield central - How To Use Manage Sites Feature

Manage Sites feature gives you the ability to manage security options, preferences, and actions for a single site.

To use this feature, choose Shield Central from within the iControlWP dashboard, click on the "Manage Sites", and select the site you want to manage.

The options available are as follows:

  • Update Plugin Options - Manage all Shield Security options on all sites in 1 control panel
  • Apply Security Profile - Profiles will standardise security configurations with ease across your entire portfolio. You can create as many Security Profiles as you need, and apply them to as many or as few sites as you require. You can also import options from existing sites to create brand new profiles
  • Audit Trail Review - Read the audit trails for your sites from the same control panel and quickly assess problems without access to the site.
  • Manage IP Lists - As with Shield Security itself, you can add specfic IPs to your site whitelists and remove IPs from the blacklist.
  • Run Actions - On-demand scanning. Shield Security already runs the WordPress Core File Integrity scans for you. Now you can run it on-demand as you need.
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