Help - I Can't Login! My Account Is Locked!

iControlWP is a modern web app that uses advanced browser and JavaScript features so it has a few requirements before you can use it.

They are:

  1. A modern browser - Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Internet Explorer is supported from v9+ but generally not recommended.
  2. JavaScript must be enabled on your browser. [Help]
  3. Cookies for our domains ( must be enabled. [Help]

Further important points to remember are:

  • Your login username is the email address you have registered with.
  • If you are copy and pasting the password, because there are no spaces before an after it, by pasting it to notepad first to see what you have copied.

Once these requirement have been met, you should have no problem using all the features of the iControlWP management interface.

Account locked

Your account can be locked due to too many unsuccessful login attempts. If that happens, you will get a warning email with the steps to unlock your account:

  1. Click the link you received in a warning email to unlock your account

  2. You'll then receive a new email with a new password

  3. Log into your account using the new password you received in email (step 2)
  4. Reset your password 

Alternatively, you may contact us and we will unlock your account for you.

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