FTP: What Exactly Is Meant By The FTP Document Root?

The combination of FTP and web hosting can be a little confusing.

The FTP Document Root is: T he folder where the website files for a domain name are stored

Where are your website files stored exactly?

Imagine you have a website with address: www.my-wonderful-wordpress-site.com

And you have a web page which you can visit: www.my-wonderful-wordpress-site.com/ ABC.html

Where on you FTP is the ABC.html file?  It is in the FTP document root folder.

When you log into the FTP for your web hosting, there will probably be lots of folders, and one of these folder will have the file "ABC.html" in it.  This folder is your FTP document root.

When iControlWP asks for your document root, we are looking for the folder within which your website files are stored.  Some common examples of these are:

  • /public_html
  • /httpdocs
  • /home/public_html
  • /html
  • /www
  • ... and many more
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