Why Doesn't The iControlWP Dashboard Reflect The Latest Updates On My Site?

iControlWP relies on the information that your websites have to display available updates to you.

We connect to your sites and ask WordPress many things, two of the most important are:

- what plugins / themes are installed?
- what updates are available?

If, at this time, WordPress is not aware of a new plugin update that has just been released, then neither will iControlWP.

Consider this timing scenario:

- iControlWP connects to you site and find there are no updates available.
- Perhaps and then 1hr later WordPress does an update check itself and discovers a new update.
- You look on your website and there's an update there to install.
- Then you look on iControlWP and find that we don't "know" anything about the update.

Why? Because we need to reconnect to your site and gather that information.

We automatically check your site for update 3 times a day but due to timing issues, with when an update is released and we check with your site, and you log into iControlWP, those updates many not be available.

If you find this is the case, please click the SYNC button for the site to update the latest information. It only takes 3~4 seconds.

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