I Forgot My iControlWP Account Password

If you have forgotten your iControlWP account password, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the iControlWP login page
  2. Click the "Forgot Password" within iControlWP login form. (Please note that "Forgot Password" is a "Password change request")
  3. Enter your iControlWP email address
  4. Log into your email account. You will find email sent from iControlWP to confirm your password change request with password reset link in it. Email subject line: "iControlWP: Please confirm your password change request"
  5. Click the password reset link provided in the email above

  6. Link will take you to the same iControlWP login page. Leave it and wait for iControlWP to change password for you.
  7. You will receive your new password by email. The email subject line which contains your new password will be "iControlWP: Password Changed".

  8. Use that password to log into your iControlWP account

Note: Once you are logged into your iControlWP account, you can change the password provided by iControlWP and set your own. Please see here on how to do that.

Important: Your account can be locked due to too many unsuccessful login attempts. If that happens, please see here.

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