How To Search For Plugins On and Install Them on Your Sites

iControlWP provides access to the plugin repository directly from within the control panel.

This lets you more quickly find and discover your key plugins and deploy them to your sites quickly.

How does the Plugin Search and Install Tool work?

You can access the Search and Install tool from the left-hand sidebar menu by choosing "Plugins" section => Search

You will be presented with a search bar that will search the plugin directory and return the results in a table.

This table will be laid out similarly to the Plugin Manager Tool where you will be able to review the status of and how this plugin is distributed across your entire WordPress network.

Simply type into the search bar the name of the plugin you wish to install, then click the Search button.

A new table will be generated from which you can click to individually install the plugin on a particular site, or alternatively, select multiple sites to that the plugin installed on all of them.

  1. Open the iControlWP Plugin Search Tool
  2. Enter your search term within the search box
  3. Click the search button and select to search the directory
  4. Click to select the plugin you want from the vertical list of plugin names on the left-hand side
  5. Perform any action you wish directly on your sites - you can activate, deactivate, install and uninstall on a per-site basis
  6. You can also select multiple sites to perform the same task on all of them at once.
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