What is iControlWP?

iControlWP is designed to be your WordPress management dashboard and to give you back the time you need to focus on your business.

With iControlWP you can:

  • Manage ALL WordPress websites from a single, centralized control panel
  • One-click update WordPress Plugin (premium ones too!), Themes, and the WordPress Core
  • Bulk update all plugins, themes and WordPress cores
  • Very finely tune WordPress Automatic Updates for every plugin on every site
  • Manage CloudFlare settings using our unique CloudFlare integration
  • Insert Google Analytics Tracking code
  • Clean up WordPress and Optimize WordPress databases
  • Manage WordPress Security setting across all your sites
  • Install new WordPress websites automatically, anywhere you have cPanel web hosting
  • Automatically log into your WordPress sites without remembering your WordPress login details

iControlWP was built to address several key issues with WordPress, web hosting and domain management:

  • Website backup and recovery - With iControlWP + WorpDrive together, we have removed many of difficulties associated with website continuity and disaster recovery.
  • When a WordPress plugin update is released, you want to upgrade all instances across your whole WordPress network.
  • When you have a website you don’t want web hosting, you want a website.
  • When you have a website you don’t want 5 different login accounts: your domain registrar, your web hosting admin, your web hosting email/user/FTP, your WordPress admin etc. You just want one.

For more information on iControlWP dashboard, read the article here.

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