Overview of the iControlWP Dashboard

iControlWP brings everything into 1 convenient, centralized dashboard. You can manage your sites from one place and save time, energy and money while you keep your network of WordPress sites under control.

iControlWP dashboard is divided into the following sections:

  • Add Site - Connect your WordPress site with your iControlWP dashboard
  • Overview - Provides a summary and in-depth details of the state of all your websites in 1 easy-to-access Overview
  • Sites - Manage all the WordPress sites you have connected to your iControlWP account
  • WorpDrive Backup - Manage WorpDrive, WordPress backup and recovery system
  • Shield Central - Control the Shield Security Plugin of all your websites
  • Addons - There are 5 addons available:
    • Update Notifications - Configure how you want to be notified of updates
    • Uptime Monitoring - Automatically monitor your sites for downtime
    • Client Reports - Generate a report with the actions done in a site
    • White Labelling - Add your own business branding to the iControlWP WordPress plugin
    • Domain Monitoring - Monitor expiration dates for all domains on your account
  • Plugins - Manage all WordPress plugins across all sites
  • Themes - Manage all WordPress themes across all sites
  • Bulk Actions - Perform bulks actions across all your sites or groups
  • Install / Clone - Do a website Clone, Restore or new WordPress installation
  • Account - Manage your account profile, security and billing
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