Failed to Connect to Your FTP Server

After verifying your FTP domain name / IP address is valid we attempt to open up a connection to your FTP server.

This can fail for various reason and you should check of these:

  • Your FTP server/service was temporarily offline. It may be back online already, or may still be having issues.
  • Your hosting service provider, or your FTP server is configured to only accept connections from certain (a white list) locations. You may have to add our servers' IP address to this white list.
  • The hostname / URL / IP address that you provided does not have an FTP server running - you may have to provide an alternative FTP server.
  • The type of FTP, either FTP or SFTP, and the port number you provided are not correct. You must ensure the port number to connect to your FTP server is valid. Please check with your web hosting provider for the correct port.

This error is not related to:

  • Incorrect username and password.

If the connection is blocked due to IP Addresses and firewall, please white list our services using the list here.

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