FTP Login Details Were Not Accepted by Your FTP Server

After successfully initiating an FTP connection to your FTP host, we then attempt to login.

Using the credentials you have provided when you activated WorpDrive failed, and this could be due to:

  • You have recently changed the password for the FTP user that you provided when you activated WorpDrive
  • You have changed the DNS IP address for your host so that it connects to a different server, and the credentials you have provided don't work there.
  • You have deleted/renamed the FTP user on your web hosting control panel

No matter what the reason is, you will need to login into your iControlWP control panel and update the FTP login details for the site in question.

See here on how to update FTP details for your site.

Without the ability to log into your FTP space, WorpDrive cannot perform the backup of your site.

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